Scouse Pop




Scouse Pop the TV show is a collaboration with and hosted by Dr Paul Skillen.


iThe eleven part series explores the personalities and music of the Merseyside pop bands of the late seventies and early eighties.


Scouse Pop examined the musical inventiveness, passion and motivations of popular bands such as China Crisis, Echo and the Bunnyman, The Christians, Space, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Black and OMD. The show reflected how the bands fused art, commerce and musical innovation to spectacular success making them household names.


In the bleak landscape to which these bands surfaced and thrived,  we take a retrospective look on how their legacy resonates today.


Scouse Pop - The TV series -  is available to watch online. 


Scouse Pop the book, available in both Hardback and softback editions, is available from Equinox publishing.




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